R  E  I  K  I

Energy Healing


Reiki healing is a technique perfected by Mikao Usui (1865-1926) in Japan and has its origins in Tendai Buddhism, 

ancient traditional Shintoism, and Shugendo, a spiritual mountain practice.

Reiki, means universal life force or spiritual energy.

Reiki flows from the practitioner's hands through the recipient charging the body with positive energy,

allowing stress, anxiety and negative thoughts to fall away. 

This gentle non-manipulative hands-on healing returns people to a state of balance, vitality and wellness.

Reiki improves sleep, helps with pain management and can give great support during the grieving process. 

A course of Reiki energy healing sessions will leave you with a sense of well-being, 

feeling lighter, brighter, and ready to face life's challenges.

Reiki Healing

One full hour treatment 

This beautiful healing session is a hands-on treatment. 

You will be fully clothed lying on a massage couch 

or sitting in comfortable chair. 

Once in a deeply relaxed state, 

Reiki goes to work gently breaking through any 

blockages, releasing stress and anxiety, and 

restoring a peaceful and positive outlook.


Reiki Intensive Healing Package

Four treatments

For issues relating to past trauma,

this intensive Reiki package is 

designed to maximise your healing benefits.

Starting off with a 90 minute appointment 

to discuss needs and goals, and to 

receive your first Reiki treatment.

Followed by three hour long Reiki sessions

at two week intervals.

Receiving four Reiki treatments within a two month period, 

allowing you to fully immerse yourself

in your healing journey.



Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

One full hour session

The benefits of a private sound healing session

with the crystal bowls are endless. 

Each musical note is associated with 

one of the seven chakras, 

 the energy centres of the body.

The sound and vibration of the bowls 

stimulate the body to recreate its own 

harmonic frequency, bringing you into a 

natural Theta state between sleep and awake, 

allowing healing on a cellular level.

This can have a deep effect, 

affecting mood, brain waves, 

nervous system, body chemistry, 

cleansing negative energy and 

stimulating the immune system.

The vibration of the bowls 

balances both hemispheres of the brain, 

helping you connect with your higher self, 

aligning you and bringing you back 

to your natural state 

of resonance and balance.

It is a truly beautiful therapy.


Distant Healing

Distant healing is an interesting way forward during these changing and challenging times. 

Now more than ever as people are spending more time at home, it is important to 

 encourage positive loving energy, not only to flow through ourselves, but through our spaces. 

By receiving distant healing in the comfort of your own home, you are inviting this energy 

to cleanse your whole environment inside and out, releasing anxiety and negativity, 

leaving mind, body and spirit feeling refreshed and recharged. 

During the hour long session, the connection is deep. 

 and the positive energy of distant healing will carry on working for some time afterwards. 

Drinking water is essential after the session, to continue the clearing and cleansing process. 

For those who have never tried this before, distant healing 

is extremely powerful and the benefits are truly amazing

All you need is a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed, 

get comfortable, and allow the healing energy to work it’s magic...


Shoden - Reiki Level One Course

The Beginners Teachings

Learn to heal and empower yourself, family and friends with Reiki Level One Shoden, The Beginner Teachings. 

Embark on your Reiki journey, immerse yourself in a flexible tailor made two day 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 course.

Learn the ancient hands-on healing techniques that will be with you for the rest of your life. 

This course, intended for personal development and transformation, concentrates mainly on self-treatment 

but also allows the treatment of friends and family. 

The Four Elements that make up the Beginner Teachings are


Teaching Reiki, sharing the knowledge and giving people the tools to help themselves, 

is truly an honour and a privilege. 


Okuden - Reiki Level Two Course

The Hidden or Inner Teachings

The second level Okuden continues with the personal development, self treatment and the treatment of others 

but at a much deeper level. It includes the introduction of symbols, their meanings, energies and origins. 

You will practise becoming these energies. You will learn about the Kotodama, Earth Ki, Heavenly Ki,

the state of Oneness, and the sacred Shinto mantras. 

You will receive more attunements, and learn about distant healing. 

These two day 1-2-1 courses are tailor made to your requirements and availability.


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"I first came to Susanna for Reiki during a time of intense grief. Her treatments helped me 

process this loss and I felt significant shifts in my energy as the treatments progressed. 

I was so drawn to Reiki and Susanna's way of treating clients that I've since gone on 

to complete Levels 1 and 2 training with her as my teacher. 

Susanna's approach is personalised, with the client's best interest at heart, 

and delivered in a comfortable, non-judgemental way so that each person 

gets the greatest benefit specific to them. 

This has certainly been true for me".

Kathryn Schlieben - The Glean Life

For any further info please call 07824 358474

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