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Energy Healing

Reiki and Me

Susanna Frye is a Grandmother and a Reiki Master Teacher, 

 with a home practice in Fleet in Hampshire

During her early years Susanna was only ever interested in art and music until at 13, 

having been given a copy of The Third Eye by Lobsang Rampa, her interest in mysticism began. 

Susanna's first job at Island Records in the late 70s, was an introduction to world music, 

and reading the great Sufi Master Inayat Khan's book Music, learnt about the connection between 

audible vibration and the vibration within. This was the start of a beautiful journey into energy and sound. 

In the 90's Susanna was introduced to shamanism, started practising Qi Gong,

and received her first Reiki session which was an utterly magical experience. 

The session was so powerful, the visions so vivid, she knew what she had always known, 

that energy healing was calling her.

Susanna left London and began learning Reiki, Japanese system of self healing.  

After five years in Wiltshire, she returned to London, volunteered at the Time of Your Life Fair 

at Kensington Town Hall, was promoted by AgeUK and that was when her practice truly began. 

Susanna has since moved to Fleet in Hampshire to be close to her familywhere she continues to 

practise and teach Reiki, and gives 1-2-1 sound healing sessions using quartz crystal healing bowls..

Discovering Reiki energy healing changed her life, and now it is her purpose and privilege 

to help others on their healing journey...


"The first Reiki treatment I received from Susanna was an unforgettable experience. it is difficult to describe in words as the session was far more than a physical sensation. It was one of those rare occasions when a feeling of absolute peace and connection comes over you. Susanna has a natural gift for creating a beautiful space with colour and light which enhances the opportunity to provide a safe healing environment. In this particular session, which took place on a clear summer's day, I have a vivid memory of vibrant colour and the sound of wind chimes with a gentle warm breeze. The lasting memory is one of a deep calm and stillness and of the ability to find complete relaxation and trust in the healing process."

Caroline Kitto - Shiatsu Practitioner MIPTI


For any further info please call Susanna on 07824 358474

or email [email protected]

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